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What is an Emergency Lanyard?

It is a quick small kit that you can grab when you need to evacuate your home within minutes or seconds. It contains everything that you would need to prove identity, ownership of your home and personal property, and to use in an emergency shelter situation. This is a MUST HAVE if you live where you may experience wildfires, flooding, earthquakes or other weather related disasters.  Scroll down to see more details.

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If you need to evacuated within minutes, like due to a fire, flood, chemical spill, or FEMA evacuation; having an Emergency Lanyard to grab on your way out can be a lifesaver. On this lanyard are items you can have around your neck that would be vitally helpful in an emergency situation. Especially on the USB flash drive which could be the proof needed to prove your identity and owner of all your possessions.

In a FEMA evacuation (like due to a chemical spill in your area) – You would only be able to take what you can carry on your lap and often  you are only given a couple minutes to leave your home. Any weapons or knives would be confiscated from you before you could get on the bus.  Having an EL with everything you need would save you so much time and hassle, plus you would have what you need. (This information is from a person who was evacuated from their home by FEMA due to a chemical spill)

In a SHELTER situation, you are often limited to a certain space to remain for a while. Having these items on your EL could mean the difference between dis-comfort and misery and obtaining help and enduring well.

If you are evacuated from your home and upon returned find that “squatters” have taken residence in your home, squatters rights require that whoever shows proof of ownership of the home and/or belongings is who gets to occupy the home. This would also be true for your vehicle and other personal property. That proof would be on your USB flash drive that is with you.

Also, in emergency shelters it has been reported from someone who was evacuated by FEMA and was in a shelter that priority services and help went to those who had proof of their identity (more than just a birth certificate even). This person said that they had a personal space about 4′ by 8′ and the lights were on at all time. Having ear plugs was a life savor to get any sleep. All the toilets stopped flushing within hours due to over inundation on the sewer lines and many personal conveniences were not available. Most of the items included in these EL are from personal experience of someone who recommended having these on hand.

With sudden wildfires, many people have had to leave their home within a minute or even seconds, without having time to grab 72 hours kits or practically anything.  Having an emergency lanyard hanging by the door would be a vital prep item to have, and even if your whole home burned to the ground, you would have proof of all that you owned for insurance purposes.

We recommend having an Emergency Lanyard for each member of your household, and to keep them hanging near an exit of your home. You can have them all in a draw-string back and be able to just quickly grab that bag when leaving.

List of Items Emergency Lanyard - Preparedness Kits

Optional addition: Vial for Consecrated Oil ($15 Extra Charge)

List of USB Items Emergency Lanyard - Preparedness Kits

Note – If your order 3 or more emergency lanyards, I will include a free quality draw-string bag to keep them in.

*** Disclaimer – Items in your “made-to-order” kit are all brand new items and may vary from those in the images depending on availability. If an item listed is not available then another similar quality item will be used to replace it. As always though, all items are hand picked for quality, need and usefulness ***


SHIPPING: All kits are Made-to-Order within one to two weeks after payment and then shipped out (assuming no delays in acquiring inventory items). While the goal is to get your kit to you with 2 or 3 weeks, I have to also legally state that it may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get your order. Kits are made in the order received, so ordering sooner will give you the highest chance of receiving it sooner. 

5 reviews for Emergency Lanyards – Made to Order

  1. David Warwick (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This was a really good idea to help us get more organized with important information

  2. Maren

    This is a fantastic product! I have these very compact lanyards for myself and my husband. It gives me more peace of mind knowing I have something so small and easy to grab in an emergency where we would have to leave quickly and not have much time to think about what to grab and take with us!

  3. Kay Durrant

    My husband and I each have an emergency lanyard from Margene. I love mine and think it’s a brilliant idea to have them. It’s well made and perfect for preparedness.

  4. Loretta Sudweeks (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The attention to detail is perfect. So worth the time and money to have everything organized and in place. It would have taken too much time to find these items on my own. Pouches came with explanations on how to upload files on the drive included. Every detail met. I highly recommend.

  5. Cheryl DeKoevend

    What are the dimensions of the zippered pouch and the drawstring bag?
    I am disabled and I want to know if my documents such as custody orders and disability papers will fit.
    I think this is useful especially if I am having a medical issue.

    • Margene Nielsen (store manager)

      Hi Cheryl,
      The zippered pouch measures 7 inches in length and just under 5 inches deep. There is no draw string bag with this kit. I did use a drawstring bag on the very first emergency lanyards I made but changed it to this zippered pouch. I hope that answers your question. 🙂

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